For most interiors and design businesses, Instagram has become the social media platform of choice and its content, an essential customer touchpoint. Acting as an extension of their website, the channel has helped interior designers, design brands and interiors stores communicate their brand’s identity as well as reaching and engaging with their audience on a daily basis.

Standing out on Instagram, however, has become more difficult than ever. The constant updates to the Instagram algorithm are affecting the number of people that get to see your content, making it harder to grow your following. While numbers won’t come easy, aesthetics will speak volumes. In the crowded Instagram world, how your interiors and design business decides to display its content will make an enormous impact on how people will perceive your brand and whether they decide to follow your account.

Like any good storytelling, your Instagram must communicate your brand’s vision, ethos and your products’ and services’ potential. It’s clear of course that, the first priority is high image resolution, and next in line comes content diversification. Owned brand content always infuses a brand’s DNA with a stronger sense of identity and vision but a generous dose of sourced inspiration that has contributed to shaping a collection or a project is always a good idea.

A Shining example of excellent aesthetic implementation and visual brand promotion is Lawson Robb. The Architecture & Design House’s images co-exist in unison when it comes to colour, composition and transition. Neutral hues dominate the feed and owned content seamlessly meets sourced inspiration from interior design to fashion.

Photo courtesy: Lawson Robb Instagram
Photo courtesy: Lawson Robb Instagram

Michelle Ogundehin develops her main theme around colours and nature. Still life comes to life and so does the viewer’s inspiration. Picking a main signature that resonates with your brand will serve you well and help you be memorable in a digital sea of sameness.

London meets Milan while zenith elegance collides with modernism. Artefatto’s Instagram page aces conceptualism, which fits perfectly their vision and quintessence of their highly-coveted collections but so does the inspiration behind them. The result? A feed that is a visual playground for the most demanding on the platform.

Photo courtesy: Artefatto Instagram
Photo courtesy: Sophie Paterson Instagram

Sophie Paterson is a pro when it comes to Instagram and her high number of followers is not coincidental. Neutral aesthetics are consistent throughout and images of her projects blend beautifully with moments from her family life. Her Instagram clearly shows her interior design style and her studio’s approach, but also authenticity and more about the person behind the brand. This content mix works and is perfect if you are looking to humanize your interiors and design brand.

Minimalism isn’t the only way to go and Anna Hayman knows it well. A look at her Instagram convinces you she is all about prints galore, delivering lessons in interior design opulence and masterfully mixing the unmixable. Challenge your curation just a tad and take cue.

Photo courtesy: Anna Hayman Instagram
Photo courtesy: Rubelli Instagram

On the other hand, simplicity goes a long way when craftsmanship speaks for itself and Rubelli Group seems to have chosen this aesthetic path to represent themselves before the eyes of their 12.7K (and counting) audience. Squares displaying fabrics and textures get colour-coded creating a fun game that keeps the viewer come back for the next piece of the Insta-puzzle.

Cristina Nava Studio draws inspiration from both interior design and editorial photography giving us a visual hybrid model that serves very well, and touches upon many audiences due to the account’s impeccable curation.

Photo courtesy: Cristina Nava Instagram
Photo courtesy: Studio Moss Instagram

Studio Moss speaks to the millennial taste, so the 22.5K followers come as no surprise. The sleek style of Marcel Ossendrijver flows throughout the feed and makes us stop and save every post featuring one of the signature arches, the soothing pastels or the irresistible terrazzo lamps. An excellent example of organic product promotion on Instagram.

If you think your account is not growing as fast as you wanted, you might want to look into your aesthetic approach. While this is only one tactic to succeed on Instagram today, getting this right will help you stand out and get more people to follow and engage with your brand.

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