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Contrasto has partnered up with Niche PR, an interior design PR agency, to help you deliver marketing campaigns across all channels. Headed by interior design PR specialist Nick Lee, the agency solely represents qualified interior design professionals looking to raise their profile in the UK and internationally.

Nick rebranded the then IDDA to the BIDA before setting up Niche PR in 2004 after being asked by numerous interior designers to do their PR. Today Nick handles well-known designers including Nicky Dobree, Rebekah Caudwell and TG Studio as well as new and up-and-coming designers like Clare Pascoe, Carla Design and Play Associates.

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Whether you are looking to attract new customers or develop your overall online presence, I can now support you by providing one-to-one consultations.
Our consulting services are designed to assist you in improving your social media presence, fine-tuning your marketing plan and generating new enquiries and sales - whether your business is new or more established.

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