Marketing Consulting for Interior Design Businesses

Marketing your interior design business is no easy task, especially when you're on a limited budget. Without a strategy and systems in place, marketing can feel like a daily struggle, but it doesn't have to be. If you feel stuck or need ongoing guidance, we can help you move forward confidently with your goals and make the right decisions along the way.
Our consulting packages are focused on helping you set and achieve your marketing and business development objectives. We will work with you to create an actionable marketing plan and provide guidance to implement it effectively.

Our Consulting Packages

The Marketing Consultant

£250+VAT per month
This is a 1-hour consultation via Zoom followed by an action plan to help you improve your current marketing efforts. Whether you are looking to develop your marketing strategy, refine your existing approach, or simply need support to get started, I can provide ongoing guidance to help you achieve your goals.

The Social Media Plan

This is a 2-hour consultation via Zoom focused on helping you build a tailored social media plan for your business using our strategic framework and useful templates. We will also discuss your current challenges and share best practices and practical tips to help you manage your social media with confidence.

The AI Marketing Assistant


This is a 1.5-hour Zoom consultation tailored for design professionals and design brands aiming to enhance their marketing efficiency with AI. In this session, you'll discover how to leverage ChatGPT and Midjourney, along with insightful prompts, to craft content for various marketing channels, including social media, websites, blogs, lead magnets, and more.

The Marketing Strategy


This is a 6 x 1-hour consultation via Zoom for design companies looking to define and relaunch their business. Throughout our sessions, we'll work with you to define your brand's position and key messages, shape a compelling value proposition, pinpoint your ideal client and business objectives, and ultimately determine the marketing strategies to employ for reaching these goals.

The Sales Funnel


This is a 2-hour consultation via Zoom for design professionals and design brands that want to grow their client base.

During our session, you'll learn the system designed to generate new leads and build a database of potential clients using ads, email sequences and landing pages.

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about our consulting packages? Email me at or feel free to book a free consultation.

About The Consultant

David Del Greco is a marketing and business development specialist with over a decade of experience working in the design industry.
He has worked with a number of interior designers and luxury design brands across the world and delivered training and workshops for students and established companies alike.
In 2017, he formed Contrasto to help interior design companies elevate their brand, grow their business and stay relevant in today's digital world.
In his role as a consultant, David works with clients to help them take their businesses forward. He provides guidance and advice as well as systems and tools to empower interior design companies to grow sustainably.
Matteo Bianchi
We have had the privilege to work with David which has been an eye-opening experience. He gave us clarity on the strategy to develop and all the necessary tools to implement it accordingly.

Matteo Bianchi

Founder and Director

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