Social Media Marketing for Interior Design Businesses

Social media is a powerful tool that your interior design business can use to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience locally and around the world. Ultimately it allows you to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic and generate new enquiries and sales. A successful social media presence, however, requires a clear strategy, relentless consistency and bags of creativity.
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Our Approach

Noel Donnellan
We chose to collaborate with Contrasto because of their knowledge of the interiors market. Since working with David, our leads and enquiries have increased by 85%. Our social media presence has improved significantly and our following, particularly on Instagram, has quickly doubled leading to direct contact & engagement from prestigious interior design houses and architects around the world.

Noel Donnellan


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Whether you are looking to attract new customers or develop your overall online presence, I can now support you by providing one-to-one consultations.
Our consulting services are designed to assist you in improving your social media presence, fine-tuning your marketing plan and generating new enquiries and sales - whether your business is new or more established.

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