Social Media Training for Interior Design Businesses

Managing your social media can be overwhelming and without the right strategy can also leave you feeling stuck and lacking in confidence. We are here to help! At Contrasto, we have developed a social media workshop tailored to your interior design business to help you manage your social media effectively using our strategic framework.
During our 4hr online session, you and your team will learn how to define your objectives, what content to create for your audiences, and how to plan effectively and measure success. We also cover the latest insights and practical tips as well as provide a set of templates that can simplify your social media management process.
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Our Framework

Humaira Ikram
David showed us not only the importance of social media but how to be part of this phenomenon. His 7 steps to succeed on social media will be used by all the students and quite a lot of the staff too.

Humaira Ikram

KLC School
Course Leader
Interior design social media training, David Del Greco, Contrasto

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Whether you are looking to attract new customers or develop your overall online presence, I can now support you by providing one-to-one consultations.
Our consulting services are designed to assist you in improving your social media presence, fine-tuning your marketing plan and generating new enquiries and sales - whether your business is new or more established.

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